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It’s been a super hard decision, but I have decided to delete the blog. I love you all my beautiful followers, and everyone who liked it reblogged my imagines, preferences, or pretty much anything I’ve ever posted. I really just have to focus on my study’s. I’m a senior, so I have to start studying and cramming a lifetimes worth of materials and facts into my head. I have to study 24/7, so I can’t finish any of your imagines, so, again, I’m so, so, so, so sorry to do this. I’m going to stop posting, but the blog will always be here. I love all of you amazing people.


PS. Happy Birthday!!!!! I'm sorry no one remembered :((( No one should ever have to go a year without having a happy birthday.

Thanks! My parents are workaholics, so they left at 5:00 am every morning so… 

Hey may I get a ship? I'm around 5'7 with blond hair a little past my shoulders. My eyes are blue but they change from almost grey to green. I'm really hostile when I first meet someone but ten I lighten up. I have a super short temper as well. I'm super sarcastic, but if you're my friend I'll walk through fire for you.. Thanks.

Steve Randal!

Hiya !!!!! Do you think you could do a ship for me?? I know you're probably busy, but it would mean a lot. I absolutely love your blog. I'm exactly 5'0 tall, and have really long dark curly hair and brown eyes. i'm really into dance and performing, and love my friends with all my heart and would do absolutely anything for them. People say I'm bubbly and always smiling.

Thanks so much! And i ship you with Sodapop!

can u link me to all of your imagines?? Thanks!!
Today’s my birthday.

No one remembered.

Hey, I was wondering if I could get a ship? As I love your posts!!!! I have blonde long hair and bright blue eyes I'm very creative and energetic I like to play my guitar and sing and hope one day I can be a singer/song writer I love my friends and adore my family and would do anything for them. Thank you

Darry! I ship you with him hard!

Can you please ship me? My name is Candy Meyers. I'm 5'5 and fairly thin. I have very long, bouncy, dark hair. I have brown eyes, a round face, and a fair pinkish complexion. I can be the happiest and saddest person but most of the time I'm pretty positive and happy go lucky.. but I'm negative when it comes to school. I get bored easily.. so I go out a lot. I'm outgoing and I enjoy doing crazy and exciting things! I'm a nice person too. c:


Hey! Ship please? I'm 5'6 or so, have wild and curly dirty blonde hair and bright green-blue eyes. I love to laugh, and am what you would call brave, protective, hot-headed, daring, unique and proud. I love rock music and am a total rebel, persay. :)



So my mom grounded me for three weeks because I suck out my window to go to this party. My brother is a snitch. I’ll try to get on to post imagines secretly because she took all of my technology away. So sorry!

What you get him for Christmas | Requested by anon

Where and how you had your first kiss/how he kisses you (It would have been sort of the same thing) | Requested by anon

Every single person that reblogs this will get a ‘I love you<3’ in their ask.


I’m completely serious,and unlike people that lie just to get reblogs,im not lying.

Every. single. person. i don’t care if it goes up to 3197883741 reblogs(never gonna happen bc imma loser) you’ll still get a ask. Be paitent tho,im lazy ef,it’ll take time.

Hey! If it isn't a problem could you please ship me? :) I have dark blonde very thin hair down to my shoulder blades, it's looks short because of the thinness. I have blue/green eyes that change colour if I'm crying to a stormy grey colour. I'm very pale but when I blush I turn into a different kind of specie. I have a beautyspot above my lip. My hobbies are reading classic books and writing stories. As a career id like to do psychology/nursing. War history interests me~ Love your blog! :) <3


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